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We are a group of two companies with a long tradition. Our field of expertise is the manufacture and assembly of steel structures, supply, repair and maintenance of machines and machine technologies, as well as repair, maintenance, supply and installation of conveyor belts, including their connection by various methods and, last but not least, project planning. We are therefore able to provide turnkey for everything from design through implementation and service to the disassembly itself.

Our philosophy is to achieve complete customer satisfaction through quality work with quality products and materials from proven suppliers. We also own several ISO, OHSAS and other certificates. The customer comes first for us, so we try to meet everyone’s needs and adapt to each individual’s requirements.

In the future, we aim to expand even more our project planning that we provide. Furthermore, we will also focus more on the development of new machine parts and units and we will constantly expand our production capabilities.


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History of the OLPE group


  • the association of self-employed entrepreneurs Oldřich Slavík and Josef Chládek;
  • performs repairs of machines and equipment, assembly of machinery


  • signed contract:
    • o on the provision of service – repairs + maintenance of traffic routes
    • on securing raw materials for Rudolfova huť Dubí plant (today O-I Manufacturing Czech Republic, a.s.)
  • start of a cooperation with Pavel Zlatohlávek, a specialist in conveyor belts


  • OLPE MONTÁŽE, spol. s r. o. – steel structures and machine technology, is founded by Olda Slavík + Pepa Chládek
  • repairs of the equipment of the Glaverbel Czech plant – today known as AGC, a.s.


  • Slavík, Chládek and Zlatohlávek starts OLPE plus, spol. s r. o. specializing in the supply, installation and repair of conveyor belts


  • launch of a regular service, repair and maintenance in the plants:
    • Glaverbel Czech, a. s.
    • Barevka Dubí
    • Splintex – today Automotive
  • cooperation with the supplier of conveyor belts Matador, the representative for the Czech Republic was the company Eurobelt


  • zlaunch of a regular service, repair and maintenance in the plants:
    • Strabag
    • Transbeton – Skanska
    • Provodínské písky
    • Readymix – dnes Cemex
    • CS Beton


  • assembly of halls – industrial zone Chomutov


  • share in the overhaul of the Avirunion Dubí tank – O-I Manufacturing
  • assembly of a new line Coating Glaverbel Czech – AGC Flat Glass


  • obtained quality certificate 9001: 2001


  • relocation of the company to the premises of Teplice Řetenice


  • Knauf Insulation – Finishing work on conveyors and batch house
  • launch of a regular service – Knauf Insulation


  • purchase of vulcanization kits Nilos š. 800/1400/2000
  • participation in the construction of a new line R3 – AGC Flat Glass


  • Impress today Ardagh – international assembly – moving technology from France, Poland, Germany, UK


  • service, regular outages and repairs in Severočeské doly Bílina
  • we became a supplier of Spolchemie Ústí nad Labem


  • obtained certificates:
    • ČSN EN ISO 3834-2:2006 in conjunction with ČSN EN 1090-2+A1:2012
    • ČSN EN ISO 9001:2009
    • ČSN EN ISO 14001:2005
    • ČSN OHSAS 18001:2008
  • participation in the construction of the Ledvice power plant; new source – installation of gas flues technology

2013 – 2014

  • overhaul of a batch house in France in O-I Manufacturing


  • extension to include a design office – led by Ing. Marek Zlatohlávek
  • purchase of licenses to use Autodesk Inventor software

2013 – 2015

  • comprehensive renovation of the Prunéřov power plant


  • expansion of our business and service in the field of PVC belts
  • at the same time, expansion of our production facilities into a new hall
  • reconstruction of the batch house during the furnace tank extinguishment of the O-I Manufacturing Czech Republic


  • Jakub Velek and Ing. Marek Zlatohlávek became the Managing Directors
  • launch of regular service repairs for KNAUF INSULATION, spol. s r. o.
  • relocation of Ardagh Seesen lines to the Czech Republic


  • delivery and installation of the “Black Sand” conveyor system in the production plant of NEMAK Czech Republic s.r.o.
  • replacement of the elevator in the production plant SKANSKA Transbeton Letňany s.r.o.
  • acquisition of a CNC cutting machine Vanad KOMPAKT 15/30 for heat cutting of sheet metal up to 25 mm thick
  • reconstruction of outdoor parts of OLPE production premises


  • we became a general supplier of service activities for shards and batch transport of lines R1, R2 and R3 in AGC Flat Glass Czech a.s.
  • provision of regular service activities for the company Trivium Packaging a.s. – Zemská – MPC


AGC Automotive Czech a.s.

AGC Flat Glass Czech a.s.

ČEZ, a.s.

KNAUF INSULATION, spol. s r. o.

Metrostav a.s.

O-I Manufacturing Czech Republic, a.s.

Severočeské doly a.s.

Skanska – Transbeton, s.r.o


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