OLPE Group

OLPE Group

The OLPE Group is a voluntary consortium of two companies that jointly use a unified system of quality management, environmental management and occupational health care and safety. This system is proven by a number of certificates owned by the group companies. Both companies have been cooperating with each other for a long time. Especially in the area of provided services, use of materials, technology, machinery and are also interconnected in the area of management.

This group is not a separate legal entity. Each company acts as an independent legal entity, but together they form a group that uses the right organizational structure of each of the companies, management processes, a set of activities providing economic and social system functions, as well as service and other activities.

We provide conveyor service and manufacture steel structures

We have been specializing in repairs and maintenance of conveyors, machines and equipment, production and assembly of steel structures and machine technologies since 1992, and therefore in 1996 we founded the company OLPE MONTÁŽE, spol. s r. o. In 1997, we expanded our specialization in conveyor belts to such an extent that the company OLPE plus, spol. s r. o. has been created to focus on the supply, installation and repair of conveyor belts. Both companies now form the OLPE group.

Emergency service

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