Dům plný pohybu

It is a sports center with more than 10 years of tradition, which is focused primarily on new trends in fitness, such as: antigravity yoga AY FLY TRAINING, MOVE IT (functional exercise), VIBRATORY PLATFORMS and more. They regularly invest in new equipment, but also in education in the field. The sports center also supports children and young people within the Aktivní život (Active Life) civic association to move regularly.

Teplice football club

This football club was founded on June 7, 1945 in Teplice. Yellow and blue color is inevitably associated with the club, as well as thousands of matches played, whether at home or on other national but also international courses, such as the Persian Cup in Iran, the UEFA Cup in the Netherlands or the same cup in England.

Sports club Zápas Teplice

Teplice sports club with more than 70 years of tradition.